The Definition That Will Not Die!

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Once again, the faulty definition of Atheism is addressed by Dr. Craig. But atheist philosophers are becoming vocal about their agreement with Dr. Craig’s definition!

Atheism is the opposite of faith. Faith means belief without evidence and atheism is a lack of belief in God.

Technically, atheism is just the lack of belief in a certain deity.

In the simplest terms, the basic atheist category is the lack of belief.

Atheism is simply a lack of belief in gods.

Definition of atheism is someone who lacks the belief of a higher power.

Hey everybody, I wanted to make a real quick video about defining the word atheist because I think there is a lot of confusion in the global community about what that word means. A lot of people think that it means belief that there is no God. But it is actually not. It is actually a lack of belief in God.

Kevin Harris: Good to see you. This is Reasonable Faith with Dr. William Lane Craig. I’m the producer guy for the podcast, Kevin Harris. Stay close. Many of you have asked when Dr. Craig is going to comment on this new book called A Manual for Creating Atheists written by philosophy professor Peter Boghossian. The answer is: very soon! So stay tuned. Dr. Boghossian has been touring some universities lecturing on how to persuade people to abandon their faith and I’m happy to report that on at least one occasion some students and faculty from the local Reasonable Faith chapter had a chance to interact with Peter Boghossian when he came to their campus. I hope if you are a supporter of Reasonable Faith, you see the importance of local Reasonable Faith chapters. They are springing up all over the world. Maybe you can be instrumental in starting a chapter on your campus, in your city, or in your church. Go to our website to find out more. These Reasonable Faith chapter members pointed out to Dr. Boghossian that his entire case stands or falls on one definition. So keep listening.

Speaking of definitions that won’t go away, Dr. Craig, we may have an indication here that this recent definition of atheism as “the lack of belief” in God may be on its way out. Even atheist philosophers are agreeing with you and others that this definition – that is, atheism is the lack of belief in God – is faulty at best. I’m looking at a philosophy blog from Australia and an atheist philosopher there is calling for this definition to go away.[1] Bill, you’ve talked about this until you are blue in the face but I think we should keep the heat on it because it still remains popular.

Dr. Craig: I think it is very popular on the lay level because it exonerates the unbeliever from having to give any defense of his viewpoint. For him atheism is just a psychological state and therefore it is neither true nor false. It is not a view. It’s a description of one’s psychology. Therefore the person who claims to be an atheist in this psychological sense makes no assertion and has nothing to prove because he doesn’t make any claim…


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