You cannot invalidate a worldview based upon the failure of adherents of that worldview to live consistently with the teachings of that worldview. [Jesus] wouldn’t have led the crusades or the inquisition. He wouldn’t conduct jihad. The fact that religious zealots of all different stripes engage in these sorts of activities does absolutely nothing to impugn the truth of the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. He himself could not be indicted for these sorts of things. So I think that while this may be a great emotional difficulty for people in our culture to overcome, philosophically it’s just insignificant. It just does not do anything to show that God does not exist, that he has not raised Jesus from the dead, and that salvation and eternal life is not available through faith in Christ. These abuses of religion don’t do anything to undercut those truths. In fact, on a Christian view of the fallenness of man, we ought rather to expect such abuses of religion because it’s symptomatic of the fallenness of humanity that it would take the best and most beautiful things and twist them into ugly, misshapen forms. — William Lane Craig (from, Is the Prevalence of Religious Violence an Argument for Atheism?)