911 Call to Parents of Christian Kids in College: Get the EpiPen Ready

by Julie Loos

As of this fall I will be the mom of two sons in college. (I can’t believe I just wrote that.) I love my boys, and I bet together we’d agree there’s not much we wouldn’t do for our kids–especially when it comes to their health, well-being, and survival.

As we prepare our kids to go out into the big, bad world each day, let me ask you a pointed question? How much do we do to help prepare them for their spiritual health, well-being and, yes, survival?

This question came home to roost this past weekend with an event that happened to my high school senior. Follow the analogy with me if you will.

Dalton is a doggone good volleyball player (mama pride), and his high school team was in a tournament in town last Saturday. My husband and I were there to see each block and kill as his high school career comes to a close.

My athlete had enjoyed a home-packed lunch I made of his favorite things to give him nourishment and energy.  He was on the court getting ready to warm up, and we were in the stands. All of a sudden, someone tapped me on the shoulder and said Dalton was running off the court and he is really red! I barely caught a glimpse of him before I catching up with him in the trainer’s office. His appearance scared me to death.

His entire upper body and eyes looked like they were on fire, and his lips and nail beds were purple. He was having trouble breathing—all signs of a severe allergic reaction. But to what? This had never happened before. Quick assessment resulted in a 911 call and ambulance transport to the ER. He must now go nowhere without his very own EpiPen and nowhere near nuts (the likely culprit, eaten prior to the incident, but which he had never reacted to before). While we wait for testing with the allergist we were strongly cautioned that a subsequent incident would be even worse and potentially life-threatening.

This event reminded me of something I’ve been studying for several years now: There is a severe allergic reaction happening on college campuses today. It’s the reaction of our children’s faith when exposed to severe intellectual attacks from atheist professors and students of other worldviews. It’s happening frequently when they ingest “the nuts”–the teachings of their academies. It can cause a severe reaction of debilitating doubt at a minimum and the death of their faith after repeated exposure with no intervention…


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