Couldn’t God Just Judge Satan Before Man Fell?

Come Reason Apologetics: Q & A with Lenny Esposito

Mr. Esposito,

I appreciate the time put in to your answer, I can see that you have done an amazing amount of homework. My question begins before the fall of man however. I want to understand why God allowed Satan to continue after he fell. My point was that God didn’t allow many humans to continue living after they made bad decisions, but he allowed Satan to continue existing. God seemed to only change Satan’s address, he didn’t diminish his power.

In my own understanding, God needed Satan to allow us to have a free choice. From a limited human paradigm, God needed an antithesis to His own power. From this perspective, it feels like a grand metaphysical game, God picks and chooses who will have freedom of choice, and who He decides will have that freedom removed from them. This is what I think that Steve was saying in his original question, and I don’t think that you have addressed it yet.

Fear of God began in me when I realized that God is completely random in how He chooses to do business. In His displeasure, He chooses to cut one person’s life short, and in the same breath, he allows Satan to span the length of man’s time on the planet. I understand that my limitations make it impossible to fully understand the question that I am asking, and I may never understand the answer. By faith, I continue to believe.


Hi Loren,

Thank you so much for writing back and clarifying your views. Dialogue is the only way we can understand each other better. I’m glad you asked this question, as it seems to be the “gap” between my first letter and my last. Again, I don’t purport to have all the answers, but hopefully we can find a place to start. The main idea in my ministry is to show that Christians can be confident that logic won’t undermine their beliefs, but support them. So, let us examine you question and see if God’s actions contradict His nature or goodness…


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