Disconnect Between Apologetics and the Small Church

by Donnie Griffin

I’m always struck by the realization that apologetics is such a little known field of Christian study every time that I mention the name of an apologist that I think everyone should know to a pastor type and they just stare at me like I’m from outer space. It’s both a surprise and an epiphany when that happens. It’s surprising that the people that I listen to everyday and are so well known in apologetics circles are so undiscovered in the Christian culture. It’s an epiphany to suddenly realize that these folks are dancing on glass that’s’ cracking under their own weight and they don’t even know it.

That’s’ not to say that they don’t hear the cracking and see the fissure. Young people are leaving church after high school and not returning. The laity is concerned with what the History Channel had to say about the real Jesus. There’s considerable concession if not capitulation given to the high-pressure rhetoric of the pro LGBT push to change the Gospel. And there’s just a general uneasiness when it comes to some of the hard questions everyone has.

The problem is that most small churches haven’t put two and two together. Its’ not that they don’t care or that they aren’t willing to begin some apologetics ministry to equip their people. I believe that the main problem is that they don’t have any idea of how to approach these fissures and that there is an apologetics army growing for the purpose of helping them. The way to kind of turn the tide here would be to merely unite those churches with people in that army.

I wonder though, are those of us attempting to make this push to increase the availability of apologetics in smaller local churches just spinning our wheels?

There are two thoughts I’d like to explain…


Disconnect Between Apologetics and the Small Church – Southern by His Grace