Does Old Earth Creationism Compromise Scripture?

by Luke Nix

A couple weeks ago I was browsing a science and theology group on Facebook where someone had asked the question,”I’ve always been told that OEC (old earth creationism) is a compromising position biblically speaking. Can anyone OEC clarify?” As I’ve discussed in previous posts, it is important that Christians investigate the whole of their worldview to develop a more accurate understanding of who God is (and what He has done) and to ensure that they are defending what is true when evangelizing and discussing in the public market place of ideas. I am a Christian who believes that the universe is not only 6000 years old (a young-earth creationist position- YEC), but rather I believe that the universe is roughly 13.7 billion years old (an old-earth creationist position- OEC).

The accusation from many YEC organizations that OEC compromises scripture is a damning one for the OEC’s understanding of who God is and also could be quite disastrous in evangelism and discussion if it is false. Those who have read this blog for a while, know that I do defend the OEC view. Off and on, I’ve addressed various accusations of compromise; however, I have never really compiled them into a single post for easy access and further research. My response to the question posed on Facebook (unwittingly) gave me the opportunity (a fellow member of the group suggested that I make the comment into a post). I have cleaned up the original comment and added some more content.

The Accusations of Compromise
The accusation that OEC’s compromise scripture comes from several misunderstandings of the view and misunderstandings of the Christian worldview, in general.

1. Historically and Literally
First, YECs (not all) tend to believe that all OEC views do not take the Genesis 1-11 accounts as history or literally. While there are some views that do accurately represent theistic evolutionary views, OEC is not theistic evolution, so it does not apply. Most OEC views believe that those passages record real history and take the passages literally.


Faithful Thinkers: Does Old Earth Creationism Compromise Scripture?