In the Culture We Have Today, Pre-evangelism or Apologetics Cannot be Ignored

by Rob Lundberg

A couple of postings ago, I shared with you about four dangerous trends that are confronting the church and the culture. With these four trends, the task of apologetics is needed more than ever. People today are living out a humanistic existence, reflecting no need for a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Just the other day, I was at Sheets, picking up a smoothie, and saw someone with a tee shirt that had the word “Church” on the back. I thought that this might give me to seek an opportunity to talk with the young man sporting the tee shirt, with the hopes of a conversation. It turned out that the concert shirt a country musician named Eric Church’s world tour and not for the Epic Life Church[1] that is here in “the Burg.”

How the conversation started with my asking the young man, do you go to that church. He corrected me and told me what the shirt was and then promptly told me that he didn’t go to church and did not care about whether or not God existed. When I asked him why, he told me that he never gave much thought to either one of them and then walked off with his sandwich and drink.

My point in sharing this with you is this. This was a potential pre-evangelistic conversation that not many believers would be prepared to engage in. When I used the term “pre-evangelism” I am referring to apologetics. I am also saying that handing this young man a tract like the “Four Spiritual Laws” or a “Got Life” doc would not have worked, in this scenario. 

But many pastors do not pay attention to the need for apologetics in their churches. And if they do, they do it with a video and filling in a worksheet, but little preparation with role playing and practicing before they go out in the post Christian culture.

What does apologetics do for the church and for believers?  Let me share with you four things…


The Real Issue: In the Culture We Have Today, Pre-evangelism or Apologetics Cannot be Ignored