Irrationality and Mocking are the Tools of Atheism Since It Lacks Proof and is Impossible

by Mike Robinson

New Atheism Depends on Irrational Confrontation

Since atheists have no proof, they must depend on attacks and inept mocking.

Richard Dawkins called his followers to attack religious people and to “Mock them. Ridicule them in public with contempt.”

New Atheism’s decision to attack and mock people of faith, citing concerns over the influence of religion, seems to be further proof that the New Atheist’s true pastime is to scornfully confront and ridicule—not the confrontation of reason but enraged emotion. This hostility is led by cranky pop-atheists and anti-religion hucksters—they are as greedy as any gussy-upped TV evangelist. The anti-religion crusade comes from men more suited for Westboro Baptist rallies than science. They appear much like the really angry guy who brings front row rage to an Iranian “Death to America” march.

If Christianity is forced to confront atheism, the confrontation will come from reason and ultimate commitments. From outside the ring and hate rallies. From inside rational argumentation and evidence.

The atheists may get angrier. They may loathe proof. They may pump-up their irrational rage. Too bad!

Can Christianity fully avoid the threat of New Atheism? No. Nonetheless, atheism has no case and is impossible. So yes, we should focus more on Islam (a billion Muslims) than the tiny cluster of anti-theists.

It’s mainly a battle of the Gods. Yahweh vs. Allah. Love vs. hate. Grace vs. legalism. Jesus vs. Muhammad.

It’s no contest. Christian theism easily defeats Islam since Jesus had all the proof, love, and grace. Christ died for men. Muhammad killed men. It’s not even close (See my book on Amazon Refuting Allah, Proving Jesus at

Hinduism. Buddhism. Islam. Atheism. It’s all sound and fury signifying nothing. It truly is. All have in common: no proof, no atonement, and no ground for reason.

However, some Christians are worried.

That’s OK. That is how we sometimes think. Nobody expects a religion to have proof, let alone the substantial evidence and proof Christianity has, it seems unfair to competing worldviews. Yet, Christianity must be true and it alone provides proof for its claims…


Irrationality and Mocking are the Tools of Atheism Since It Lacks Proof and is Impossible | Innovative Apologetics