Review: “Lying” by Sam Harris

by Mike Robinson

By the time Sam Harris released his book “Lying” in hardback format recently, it was clear that New Atheism’s once-chesty agenda has slowed like a trilobite out of water. The aggressive scheme of becoming the next widespread intellectual movement has become distressingly frail.

Did you see it? Where once there had been packed lecture halls filled with eager atheistic catechumens, today only sparse crowds and canceled events. Remember the unveiling of the Four Horsemen’s prediction that there would be a hurried abandonment of religion, yet we see massive growth of religion in formerly irreligious regions. Where once—just before the 20th century—there had been almost no Christians in China, S. Korea, and great swaths of Africa, now these countries are teeming with hundreds of millions of Christians.

Perhaps it may be time to place all neo-atheistic grandiosity on hold. Yes, there was a lack of philosophical acumen. Indeed, there was a question of how deep the pop-atheists understood the theology they condemned. Besides, today there are just three of the horsemen still in the saddle. Not much galloping going on since two of the riders are visibly aged and ready to go. However, one young rider with the ears to hold a twenty-gallon hat ruthlessly marches on. Anti-theist Sam Harris.

He and his fervent admirers appear to be willing to do whatever it takes to expunge religion from the globe—by any means necessary.

Sam Harris has a bit of youth, numerous best-sellers, and a sheath laden with the sword of atheistic pugnacity. Previously, he made a noble attempt at contending for godless moral values in “The Moral Landscape.” By any means necessary. And now Harris delivers a new volume “Lying.” A book that provides interesting arguments concerning the need for honesty. By any means necessary. Herein the youngest of the new atheist bishops reveals that lying is a bad practice and all people should strive to be more authentic and truthful. By any means necessary…


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