Start an apologetics conversation: Are people basically good or basically evil?

by Robert Weston

Not long ago, I attended a mandatory employees’ conference.  This conference emphasized the investigative arm of the law enforcement agency for which I work.  Much of the material dealt with violent crimes people commit against one another.  At the end of the two-day event, I was emotionally spent.

I am aware of the evil we do to one another.  But to see how prevalent internet crimes against children are and to see photos and hear descriptions of many, many crime scenes was painful.  I was mourning over the condition of mankind.

One of my co-workers that has worked in the lab a little over a year is sometimes called to assist with crime scene processing.  She really seems to enjoy that aspect of the job.  Knowing this, I asked her what she thought about the conference.  The reply was very positive.  Learning more about how the agents work scenes and solve crimes was fascinating to her.  When the question was then turned back on me, I told her of my heavy heart and the mourning I felt after seeing how terribly people treat one another.

I then asked her another question, “Do you think people are basically good or basically evil?”  I wish I could remember her exact words, but they were something along the lines of, “Well, with what I see here I work, I have to believe people are basically good.  Otherwise, it would be depressing.”

I found her response to be very interesting.  Despite seeing murder victims at crime scenes and working in a forensics lab where evidence related to thousands of crimes each year is analyzed, she says she wants to believe people are basically good…


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