The Apologists Call is to Love

by Donnie Griffin

Recently, I saw a meme on a local atheist’s Facebook page. It was actually a picture from a “free-thinking” society in Asheville, NC. The meme read, “God hates facts”.

Atheists love to call Christians arrogant. In fact, the only interaction so far that I have had with this particular group resulted in the same treatment for me. Although they did encourage their readers to read my article, all in all their reaction to me was to call me “condescending” and “arrogant”.

It seems that the epitome of arrogance is in statements like this one though. “God hates facts”? (Please understand, that’s a shot at the intelligence of all Christians.)

What are facts? It seems to me that facts are by definition true statements. They are true by definition.

What is truth? Well, I could write a book on that. Many have. I will resort to the simple definition. Truth is that which corresponds to reality. Truth is what is.

Here are some things that are…

All things that are an effect have a cause.

What this means is things don’t spontaneously come into existence. Some people may deny this, but they don’t live as if they believe their own defiance of reality. They sit on chairs unafraid of the spontaneous appearance of snakes instead. They walk as if they don’t expect tigers to suddenly appear in front of them. I could go on. The fact is this, skeptics deny the reality of the law of cause and effect, but they only deny it in theory.

The universe (or its theoretical predecessors) had a beginning. There has been much debate over the origin of the universe. Great efforts have been made to get away from the fact that because the universe is, there must have been a time when it was not. Especially since modern astronomy has found a great deal of evidence for the big bang, atheists have looked for a way to dodge the implication of a beginning.

Unfortunately, science is only catching up with philosophy as far as the beginning of the universe is concerned. For centuries the beginning of the universe has been practically assumed by philosophers. It’s been fun to debate, but it’s a philosophical impossibility for the universe to be…


The Apologists Call is to Love – Southern by His Grace