The Best Christian Case Making (Apologetics) Content on Twitter

by J Warner Wallace

If you’re a fan of my work here at, you already know how fond I am of Twitter. I scan and read over 400 Christian apologetics blogs daily and post the best evidential apologetics articles on my Twitter account. People have described it as the “Drudge Report” of Christian apologetics. I hope it has become a daily resource for you if you are interested in making a case for what you believe as a Christian. I also follow and read Christian Case Makers on Twitter and I was recently asked about who I follow. So, here is my list of the most useful, content rich, Christian apologetics feeds on Twitter. I am sure I am leaving someone out and you may even know a few I have missed. My criteria for inclusion on the list is simple:

These Accounts Are Focused on Apologetics Content
The accounts on my list are not primarily personal accounts filled with anecdotal information. I realize personal accounts have great value and are important for fans of apologists who want to gain insight into the life and activity of people making the case for Christ. Given my time constraints, however, I use Twitter as a newsfeed (I use Facebook for more personal interaction). So, I am featuring information rich accounts.

These Accounts Are Updated Regularly
I’ve included the most active Christian Case Makers on Twitter. I post 5-10 apologetics links a day. I realize that can be a lot for many people, but more than not tell me the feed has been a blessing. For this reason, I am featuring similarly “busy” Twitter feeds.

These Accounts Are Interactive
I try my best to respond to the people who connect with me on Twitter. It’s difficult to go into great depth on an issue when you are limited to 140 characters, but I am featuring folks who do their best to engage their followers.

All that being said, here are the Twitter accounts featuring (in my opinion) the best apologetics content from ministries, apologetics authors and speakers…


The Best Christian Case Making (Apologetics) Content on Twitter | Cold Case Christianity