What Ultron Misunderstands About God and Man

by Jairo Namnún

Humans are complicated, problematic creatures. We’re capable of occasionally performing amazing feats of goodness, yet we’re more likely to deal out harm and injustice. Considering all the wickedness humanity has brought to this planet, we should question whether we deserve life at all. These are some of the concepts raised, amid the humor and action and super-heroism, of the new film Avengers: Age of Ultron.

In Age of Ultron, Captain America and his team of unlikely superheroes have banded together once more against a brand new villain, Ultron. A sentient robot unwittingly created by Tony Stark and Bruce Banner, Ultron, in true Pinocchio fashion, wants to break free from his creator. But unlike the wooden boy, Ultron seeks not just to be rid of his creator, but to be rid of the entire human race. 

Ultron is the child of Tony Stark’s fears. Afraid that he would not be able to protect his home planet forever, Stark designed Ultron as an artificial intelligence program to bring peace to Earth. However, it doesn’t take Ultron long to conclude that the cause of war, trouble, and suffering lies not outside humanity, but within.

As God used a flood to wipe out humanity in the story of Noah, Ultron decides he too will be an instrument of God to bring about humanity’s extinction.

Ultron isn’t necessarily wrong in his diagnosis of humanity. War and sin are habitual practices of mankind, and one of the reasons God cursed our planet (Gen. 3:17-19). Sin manifests itself powerfully in every human relationship and leads to suffering and death, even of our own siblings (Gen. 4).

While he may be correct in his assessment, Ultron is wrong about the solution. He thinks of himself as God’s instrument, but he fails to understand the Lord’s character…


What Ultron Misunderstands About God and Man |The Gospel Coalition