Women in Apologetics: Sisters Who Defend the Faith

by Mikel Del Rosario

The Testimony of Women

Just as the testimony of women sparked an investigation of Jesus’ empty tomb in the 1st century, so the testimony of women in the 21st century leads many to consider the evidence for the claims of Christianity.

I’m pleased to know some outstanding women who are beginning to make history in our field–a field which has long suffered from the stereotype of being “just a guy thing.”

For example, I spoke alongside my friends from Houston Baptist University at the Reasons Conference in the Woodlands–all ladies who were on the cover of Christianity Today. Here’s a pic taken right after the event (left to right after me: Melissa Travis, Holly Ordway, Mary Jo Sharp).

I’ve also met Sarah Ankenman and members of her team at ISWA who help Christian women confidently answer tough questions about the faith. There are many more who I haven’t mentioned here, but I’m excited about what my sisters are doing to contend for the faith, equip the saints, and advance the cause of Christ in today’s world.

Celebrating Women in Apologetics

Today, I’m pleased to join with a number of apologetics bloggers who are celebrating our Christian sisters in their contribution to defending the essential truths of our historic faith. In this post, I’ll highlight a few women in apologetics who have contributed to what you see on my blog.

One of my book reviews highlights the importance of apologetics in Women’s Ministry…


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