As it turns out, not even Jesus Christ has a Christ-like attitude

by Sam Kee 

After quoting Tony Campolo, Brandon Robertson writes, “Dr. Campolo has been an advocate for a more Christ-like and loving posture towards LGBTQ people in the church for many years now.”[1]

Right away, that stopped me in my tracks, regardless of what the rest of the article said.  As soon as you use the language of a “more Christ-like posture,” all my red flags go up.  Are we reading the same Bible?  This smells like legalism.

Yes, predictably, Robertson goes on to exude his support of the LGBTQ community, but no matter, because he’s already lost me.  Whatever else he said about LGBTQ makes little difference now, so long as he began with those words “a more Christ-like and loving posture.”  That snide remark showed me that he was about to parade the Messiah out in front of us in order to use him for his agenda and take us on a little guilt trip.

But Jesus won’t be paraded around.  A more Christ-like attitude?  What does it mean to have a “more Christ-like and loving posture?”

Does it mean that Jesus would never call anyone names?  He once called a woman a dog (Mark 7:27).  He regularly called people hypocrites, which was a huge insult in his day (Matthew 7:4).  Here are some other names he swathed onto people: blind guides (Matt. 23:16); fools (Matt. 23:17); white washed tombs (Matt. 23:27); snakes (Matt. 23:33); hidden tombs (Luke 11:43); children of hell (Matt. 23:15); and—particularly biting—“Your daddy is the devil!” (John 8:44).

And Jesus wasn’t just harsh with the religious leaders.  He was an equal opportunity offender.  In fact, he called one of his closest followers “Satan” (Matthew 16:23).  Then check out what Jesus said to the seven churches in the book of Revelation.  He gave a very candid and clear assessment of each church, helping it to see where it needed to shape up or ship out…


As it turns out, not even Jesus Christ has a Christ-like attitude | Hope Stands