The territory we’re climbing in may be rough, but danger it presents is nothing compared to the deceitfully comfortable paths along which many of our contemporaries are descending, through sensuality and self-centeredness into death. The dark tragedy of their destruction should occupy our attention, or so it seems to me… Christianity was never about standing on a culture’s high places. Jesus Himself rejected the temptation to go there. He did interact with leaders, teaching them, warning them, aiming to guide them toward the truth. We have every reason to follow him in that. When they turned their power toward destroying him, though, He remained confident in his Father’s plan, and He walked through his trial and crucifixion with pure other-oriented love. Through that He set the example. Then He died on the Cross, securing our own eternal freedom and safety, giving us good reason to remain confident, no matter what.— Tom Gilson (from, Everything Looks Different from Here On)