Cosmology’s Serious Embarrassment: The Need for God

by Pastor Brian Chilton

Mario Livio, an acclaimed scientist and author said at the World Science Festival in New York City last month, “I would like to talk about a very serious embarrassment” (Cofield 2015). The embarrassment that Livio addressed was what writer Callie Cofield called “one of the most confounding (and embarrassing) problems in modern astrophysics…whether or not our universe might be just one of an infinite number of multiverses—and whether a theory of the multiverse is good or bad for science” (Cofield 2015). Cofield described the embarrassment in further detail by denoting the problem of “vacuum catastrophe. Truly empty space, sucked dry of any air or particles, still has an inherent energy to it, according to observations” (Cofield 2015). Cofield further described that “when scientists use theories of quantum mechanics to try to calculate this vacuum energy, their results differ from the measured results by about 120 orders of magnitude, or the number 1 followed by 120 zeroes” (Cofield 2015). Such differences demonstrate a great room of discrepancy. Josh Frieman, one of the panelists stated that “To make a math error that big you know you really have to work hard at it” (Cofield 2015). Some have postulated that the number for the vacuum energy could be a random number that could be solved by a multiverse model. The problem with multiverse models is that there is no independent research demonstrating that such a multiverse exists.

What is the “Real Problem”?

What is the real problem with all of this, despite the need to understand the physical elements used to bring about our universe? The real problem is blatantly given in the article—our universe appears to be fine-tuned for life. A multiverse model would appear to provide an “out” for atheists who do not desire to attribute credit to a deity—that is, God. However, some appear to express concern for the multiverse model. Riess said, “But I’m more concerned that…we lose the connection to explaining our world…Because it is almost like invoking a deity at that point” (Cofield 2015). Priyamvada Natarajan, professor of astronomy and physics at Yale University said, “One of the reasons why the multiverse argument actually appeals to me is actually there is no room for agency or deities or any such thing” (Cofield 2015). Natarajan provides the real problem for many cosmologists. Many do not [want] for there to be a God. Atheists such as Lawrence Krauss and Richard Dawkins have demonstrated as much. However, this is not a problem for science as much as it is a philosophical problem for the ones promoting such views. Furthermore, contrary to popular opinion, a multiverse does not eliminate the need for God…


Cosmology’s Serious Embarrassment–The Need for God | Pastor Brian Chilton