Is Biblical Morality Applicable in Today’s World?

by Billy Dyer

Are there problems with the morality taught in the Bible? Some today act as if the Bible is filled with moral atrocities. We are continuing our critique of David McAfee’s book Disproving Christianity. You can click here and here for two pervious posts. I stated before that we are grouping his points together topically. Today’s topic is “Biblical Morality”. David points out a number of things in the Bible which he heartily disagrees with. They seem so distasteful and laughable to him. How could he possibly follow a God which promotes such ideas?!?!

Throughout his book David makes 2 mistakes. First, he makes a logical blunder. Secondly, he mischaracterizes the Christian’s view about how we come to know morality. We will go over these two points and then I will end by asking David a question which he cannot answer consistently.

He made the logical error known as Chronological Snobbery. This term was coined by the famous C.S. Lewis. Before I ever read Lewis’ take on it I always called it The Fallacy of the Calendar. Chronological Snobbery is when you attempt to disprove something simply by dating it. The key words people use are “archaic”, “medieval”, “ancient”, “old fashioned”, etc… Take a look at some of the statements made in David’s book:

  • “It (Bible) contains errors, contradictions, and a stagnant moral code, which, in many ways, no longer coincides with the morality of modern man.”
  • “The Bible teaches ideas which are increasingly irrelevant and even counterproductive as our social morality and scientific understanding of the world evolves on a global scale.”

In the first quote he calls Biblical morality “stagnant”. I assume he means the Bible contains a moral code that hasn’t evolved as man has evolved. With the second quote notice that he dismisses Biblical morality as “irrelevant” and “counterproductive”. Why does he do this? Can he show sociological reasons? What data does he have? His reasoning is that man has evolved…


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