Is It Too Soon To Be An Atheist?

by Matt Blair

As a Christian I have been fascinated by the ongoing discussions about the existence of God. On one hand, Christians have built their case for the existence of God based on things like:

  • a finite and finely tuned universe,
  • the existence of rationality, conscientiousness, and morality,
  • the reliability of the biblical accounts,
  • the historicity of Jesus and the resurrection,

and many other finer points of justification.

On the other hand, atheists, who have declared as fact that God does not exist, have made their own set of arguments as to why they believe He does not exist. It seems to me, however, that the problem atheists face is that the arguments don’t necessarily lead to atheism. Which caused me to ask the question – Is it too soon to be an atheist?

Hear me out on this. As I understand the arguments for atheism, they largely center on

1) The lack of need for God in the age of scientific enlightenment

2) The impossibility of such a being existing in light of evil or suffering

3) The terrible atrocities done in his name by his people

4) The historical fallacies in his so called holy book(s)

5) The impossibility of a being existing before space, time, and matter came into existence.

And while these 5 arguments are certainly not exhaustive, they do provide us with enough of a framework to deal with the question mentioned above…


Is It Too Soon To Be An Atheist? | Oklahoma Apologetics Society