Objections to Apologetics: Too Hard

By Nate Sonner

Christianity requires effort. If you are in fact a Christian, all of you belongs to the Lord Jesus. There’s no excuse for laziness.

Granted, this objection likely is a symptom of a deeper assumption. Many evangelicals can be closet “quietists.” Spiritual things are assumed to be effortless. Truth is supposed to be absorbed. Sanctification happens passively, requiring no effort on our part, only surrender. If that’s a foundation stone of your theology, then naturally you are going to have a problem with any Christian enterprise that requires effort. And apologetics is definitely one of those.

However, some apologists make the enterprise more complicated than it is. Some methods require the memorizing of countless facts and arguments. This need not be. We don’t need to have the whole playbook memorized.

Doing apologetics correctly takes effort. Unfortunately, many people let this get in the way of learning. Once they’ve got it in their head that this will be challenging, that’s all they see. Even if the method is actually simple, they will still insist that this is beyond them, and shy away from making the effort to learn.

Many things in life require effort. It takes effort to grasp biblical ethics, and apply them in your specific context, developing wisdom. It takes effort to pray. It takes effort to get up and go out to sit under the preaching of the Word and examine yourself in light of it. It takes effort to love your family. The point is, few people are consistent in their opposition to difficult, hard things.

So, should we expect Christian stuff to be hard? Yes, especially in the beginning. What happens at conversion is the replacing of one paradigm with a completely new one. It will take effort to intentionally think differently about everything. It takes effort to learn the Bible, to internalize it in order to do what it says and live consistently. It doesn’t happen passively. God works in us both to will and to do.

Also, laziness is something condemned in the Bible. Read the book of Proverbs. It doesn’t get much clearer than that.

On top of all this, it is irrelevant whether apologetics is hard or not…


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