Timeless Questions About Time

Dr. Craig receives some common questions about the nature of time and it’s relationship to God

Kevin Harris: We’ve got questions. We answer as many as we can. Be sure that you check out the Question of the Week and the archives as well at ReasonableFaith.org.[1] You might find that your question for the most part is answered there. In fact, maybe even several times. Let’s look at some other questions that we’ve received, Dr. Craig, that are interacting with your work. These are on time. They ask:

Dr. Craig, Is time the greatest riddle?

He could have stopped there but then he goes on. He says,

For example, could God have waited until the present moment to create the universe? I don’t think that question is like trying to make a square-circle. After all, God is a personal agent and our Creator. That means he can do what he wants whenever he wants and is always alive in the present. However, if he could have waited until right now to create rather than 13.7 billion years ago that would imply that God has never been timeless. But that would contradict the impossibility of an infinite physical regression. If God can wait, it implies time.

Dr. Craig: Let’s stop there. It seems to me that the mistake he is making is to think that if God had waited until right now to create that time couldn’t have had a beginning at some time in the finite past. But that, I think, is obviously wrong. Suppose that instead of creating the Big Bang 13.7 billion years ago God just created angelic realms and that that was the beginning of time. Then he waited until now to create the universe. It seems to me that is unproblematic. So I would say in answer to his question: yes, God could have waited until the present moment to create the universe. But that doesn’t follow from that, as he thinks, that therefore there is no state of the actual world in which God exists timelessly. If we think of God existing timelessly alone with neither an angelic world nor a physical universe, he is plausibly timeless…


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