Say What You Want About Intelligent Design

by David Klinghoffer

I mean literally say whatever you want. There’s a strange ethical tenet in the media that holds that when it comes to ID, you can assert anything that seems expedient, or like it kind of ought to be true given what everyone else in your crowd says — however far that may be from factual.

It’s as if there were a special license issued to ID critics, “The bearer of this certificate is entitled to publicize any untruth about intelligent design that he pleases, and is guaranteed not to be challenged on it.” Other than by Discovery Institute.

Yesterday our colleague Sarah Chaffee caught one fellow in a major falsehood. Lee McIntyre’s article in the Chronicle of Higher Education is histrionically headlined “The Attack on Truth,” referring to Darwin skeptics, climate heretics, and other villains. In the article he repeats the familiar line about how we “advocat[e] that ‘intelligent-design theory’ be taught in the public schools as balance for the ‘holes’ in evolutionary theory.”

No. In fact we’ve always opposed mandating ID in public schools, and strongly caution teachers against trying to freelance on the subject. We say this in public and private. Unambiguously. Over and over. Why? One good reason is that scholarship on ID would not be advanced — quite the contrary — by political controversies about teaching it in public schools.

On the other hand, that thoughtful adults, responsible journalists, and scientists in relevant fields should read up on it and consider the arguments, without fear of censure — yes, that we do support, but it’s a very different matter.

The irony is too much. According to his bio, McIntyre is the author of a new book…


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