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Kindle Deals of the Week in Christianity and Apologetics: This Week’s Top Ten Best-Sellers!

Kindle Deals in Christian ApologeticsThe Grand Weaver: How God Shapes Us Through the Events of Our Lives by Ravi Zacharias $2.99

Kindle Deals in Christian ApologeticsJesus Among Other Gods: The Absolute Claims of the Christian Message by Ravi Zacharias $2.99

Kindle Deals in Christian ApologeticsTaking Christian Moral Thought Seriously (B&H Studies in Christian Ethics) by multiple authors $0.99

Kindle Deals in Christian ApologeticsBiblical Hermeneutics: A Comprehensive Introduction to Interpreting Scripture (multiple authors) $2.99

Kindle Deals in Christian ApologeticsJesus in Trinitarian Perspective (multiple authors) $2.99

Kindle Deals in Christian ApologeticsMake, Mature, Multiply: Becoming Fully-Formed Disciples of Jesus (multiple authors) $0.99

Kindle Deals in Christian ApologeticsGod: A Philosophical Argument from Being by Norman Geisler $2.99

Kindle Deals in Christian ApologeticsThinking Rightly of Christ: What Scripture Really Says About Him-And Why it Matters by Bryan D. Holstrom $0.99

Kindle Deals in Christian ApologeticsEncountering the Manuscripts: An Introduction to New Testament Paleography & Textual Criticism by Philip Comfort $3.99

Kindle Deals in Christian ApologeticsA History of Christianity: An Introductory Survey by Joseph Early Jr. $0.99