What before Why

by John Mays

I have heard it stated many times “you believe what, why would you believe such a thing?” Normally when it is associated with something that seems unbelievable to the person making the statement. Normally gossip. But that, of course, isn’t the point of this writing. So what is the point? I am glad you ask!

One can believe anything. That doesn’t make such a belief true. But knowing what you believe is the foundation of knowing why you believe. In this case I am referring to Christianity. There are many that profess to be Christians. They seem confident in what they believe. But why they believe is an entirely different story. Here is where much of the confusion lies. It is simple to profess Christianity. In fact, we typically live by the statement, just believe. We constantly quote scripture telling others that all they must do is believe. You know, Jesus did say “for who so ever believes.” Or did He? Sorry that is another post entirely. But Peter and Paul both tell us to simply believe.

So, with it being that simplistic many walk around believing. Believing they are saved. Believing they are Christians. Believing in God, Jesus, the Bible and all the good Christian things they are told to believe. But why? Why do we believe all of these things. The devil believes in God. In fact most people believe in God, or a god. Go ahead, ask any of your friends if they believe. I know all of my lost friends believe. So are they Christians? You see, most of us know what we believe, or at least feel like we do. And that is the problem. Do we really? Think about that for a second. Ask yourself what you believe. Typical answers are probably, I believe in God, Jesus and the Bible. Okay, what do you believe about them? Ah…That is the point. Belief in God, and everything else mentioned, is great. But before one can get to why they believe, we must first know what we believe.

Without getting to technical or philosophical let’s look at some of the basics of what we believe. And then, prayerfully, why we believe it will become more clear…


What before Why | Ratio Christi