A Believing Response to Matthew Vines’ 40 Questions

by James White

Matthew Vines has posted a series of forty questions, found here.  I have written up a fairly brief response.  I hope it is helpful.

Do you accept that sexual orientation is not a choice?

The very question simplifies the topic to a ridiculous level, Matthew.  The desires a human experiences come from many factors—and as one who claims to be a Christian, you should know that the Scriptures do not modify their demands based upon “past experience.”  We are created in the imago Dei, and hence have control of our actions.  For a small percentage of those who claim a homosexual experience I would say that they have, in fact, always experienced such desires; but I truly doubt this is true for the majority, as their own words have often testified.

Do you accept that sexual orientation is highly resistant to attempts to change it?

As is pedophilia, bestiality, desires toward incest, serial adultery, all sorts of forms of fornication, addiction to pornography, kleptomania, inveterate rage and anger, and addiction to gossip.  “But such WERE some of you….”

How many meaningful relationships with lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT) people do you have?

This is one of the new twists you have added to the mix, Matthew.  I know very few people who are proud of their sin and identify by it.  I do not know of any of my friends who say, “I am a man given to anger,” and hence, if someone asked me, “How many meaningful relationships with angry men do you have?” I would not find the question meaningful, especially if the unspoken counterpart to the question was the claim that this means I have no grounds to speak to the sinfulness of anger.  I believe it is thoroughly unChristian and anti-Biblical to identify as a “homosexual Christian,” just as I believe it is thoroughly unChristian and anti-Biblical to identify as an “adulterous Christian.”  Such a person is in rebellion against the faith, and the relationships I have with those who are in active, open rebellion against the faith is one of witness and calling to repentance and faith, not friendship and harmony.

How many openly LGBT people would say you are one of their closest friends?

None, of course, since friendship with the world is enmity with God, Matthew.  Please note, you keep assuming your position in order to promote it.  I think this is one reason you have refused to debate your position: this kind of circularity would collapse under cross-examination.  You are much wiser to stick to the media-assisted, “progressive” liberal-friendly church monologue.

How much time have you spent in one-on-one conversation with LGBT Christians about their faith and sexuality?

False assumption: that there is such a thing, Biblically speaking, as an “LGBT Christian.”  You again assume the conclusion.  I do not spend any time in conversation with self-identifying adulterous Christians, fornicating Christians, idolatrous Christians, thieving Christians, etc. and etc.  Every Christian I know falls into those sins, but does not then identify themselves by their sin.  Christians, Matthew, identify themselves by their Savior from those sins.  Also please note, Matthew, how you seem to be incapable of seeing how very enslaved you are to your desires.  The rest of us may spend a lot of time discussing the faith with our brothers and sisters.  We do not spend time discussing our sexuality.  That is your world.  It is not ours.

Do you accept that heterosexual marriage is not a realistic option for most gay people?

The only marriage given by God as a gift to His creation is heterosexual, of course—the very term demands a man and a woman, a husband and a wife.  We are fully into the world of Newspeak if we pretend otherwise…


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