A New Atheist Meme Explained: Women, Bibles, Guns, the Qur’an, and… a White Man

by Daniel Rodger

I help run and admin a great group of Christians at UK Apologetics on Facebook, occasionally members post some of the memes their enlightened Atheist friends share with them. Most of them are not very good, so after seeing a few over the last couple of days I thought I would examine some of them over the next few weeks. First on the menu is this cracker…

Admittedly this is some low hanging fruit but it does get shared a lot so at least some Atheists think it is communicating an element of truth.

Some (obvious) problems It’s sexist. What you will notice is that the two alledgedly ignorant persons are both women, but the ‘enlightened’ person is a white man. This might be because the majority of people who share memes like this are white male atheists and so by virtue of their confirmation bias are guilty of believing they are usually right. Lets be honest, it probably didn’t cross their minds to make a meme with a woman as the allegedly ‘enlightened’ one in the meme, make of that what you will.

It’s ignorant. Contrary to the Qur’an which is actually one book, the Bible is a collection of 66 books comprising of writings spanning over one thousand years. The Bible includes a number of different literary genres, including Poetry, Song, Wisdom Literature, Hellenistic Biography, Prophecy, Letters, and History. So if you’re inclined to being pedantic it isn’t accurate to describe the Bible as one book, especially if you’re trying to attack it. Please correct me if I’m wrong but as far as I’m aware, white Christian women are not a culture known for being a hotbed of violence and terrorism. I’m also not sure what the problem is with the woman holding a Bible and a gun at the same time. I’m guessing that I’m not the only one that doesn’t find anything intrinsically wrong with doing so (although it makes me uncomfortable), it just isn’t my style. Either way, owning a Bible and a gun isn’t a crime and neither is taking a picture of it. Although I don’t speak or read Arabic I’m assuming the woman holding the Qur’an and the machine gun isn’t just planning on using it at the shooting range but to dabble in some actual jihad because she has no respect for non-Muslim human life.

The facts. The woman holding the gun and Bible in front of an American flag is called Holly Fischer, she posted that picture on Twitter to annoy sensitive American liberals. Look, Americans are a bit weird about guns, I don’t get it either. Nevertheless, Holly Fischer is not a terrorist, she is a mother and wife to an ex-military husband and has no plans to commit a terrorist act. She’s too busy reading her Bible and doing target practice at the gun range where she exercises her constitutional right to own a firearm.

The woman holding a Qur’an is called Reem Riyashi, she is one of the many ‘successful’ female Muslim suicide bombers who have been responsible for murdering thousands of people. In 2004 she blew herself up killing four Israelis at the Erez crossing injuring several others. Reem had dreamed of turning her body into deadly shrapnel as a young girl…lovely woman. You can watch her charming farewell video here.

So, one woman is by all accounts a good wife and mother and the other blew herself up and left her children behind, but of course they are both holding guns so there must be some equivalence some where…


A New Atheist Meme Explained: Women, Bibles, Guns, the Qur’an, and… a White Man | The Failed Atheist Blog