Culture-Challenging Book: Relational Apologetics by Ratio Christi’s Michael C. Sherrard

Ratio Christi announces the release of the book Relational Apologetics: Defending the Christian Faith with Holiness, Respect, and Truth by Michael C. Sherrard, through Kregel Publications on June 27, 2015.

Sherrard is the director of Ratio Christi’s College Prep division which seeks to prepare high school students for their college-bound experience through training in Christian apologetics, worldview, and evangelism. From here, the students may go on to join one of Ratio Christi’s apologetics clubs which meets regularly at more than 150 colleges. Sherrard is also a pastor at Crosspoint Community Church in Peachtree City, Georgia.

Relational Apologetics is about your life becoming a defense of the Christian faith,” Sherrard says. “Every relationship is an opportunity to connect people to their Creator by displaying your hope, both in word and deed. Apologetics, defending your faith, is not just about answering questions and ‘proving’ that God exists. It is about showing that He is real by the way you live, demonstrating the power of God through your holiness, and drawing people to Jesus through your kindness.”

Sherrard wrote Relational Apologetics to help people know how to integrate apologetics into their daily life. He explains, “It is good to have answers but another thing to know how to talk to people. Here, readers will learn how to winsomely persuade people through respectful conversations to follow Christ and find the good life they are seeking.”

Speaker and author Sean McDowell, Ph.D., endorses Sherrard’s book:

“I wish every believer would read this book. Relational Apologetics challenges, convicts, and equips us to lovingly reach out to people with the gospel and to live as the kind of humble and gracious apologists Jesus wants us to be. This will officially be one of the top books I recommend for those who really want to make a difference.”

Other endorsements include those from J. Warner Wallace (author, Cold Case Christianity), Gary Habermas (Liberty University), Scott Klusendorf (president, Life Training Institute), and James Flanagan, Ph.D. (president, Luther Rice College and Seminary).
Relational Apologetics is available through Kregel, at, in bookstores, and other online retailers.

For media interviews, contact Sherrard through Sheryl Young at Ratio Christi, [email protected] or 813-486-8594813-486-8594. 

For speaking engagements, contact Sherrard through his website

(via Christian Newswire)