Is Christianity Just a Copy of Other Religions?

by J.S. Park

flower-detonation asked a question:

I’m a Christian that’s been reading your blog for a few weeks now and I’m blessed to have found your blog. However, I’ve read a lot about how Christianity is actually based on ancient Egyptian religion and philosophy and pretty much white people took these ideas and made it into Christianity. So i guess my question is that I am fooling myself for believing in the “white man’s religion” cuz to me it doesnt make what’s said in the Bible any less true but is the Bible an allegorical text then?

Hey dear friend, thank you so very much for your kind words. Thank you also for the challenging question.

Let’s consider the following three things.

1) The other week, I was reading (once again) that Jesus wasn’t a real person but a concocted amalgamation of different legendary figures conflated into a mascot for a cult of Israelite rejects so they could regain power from the Roman Empire. Then they succeeded by having Constantine pronounce Christianity as the mainline religion of his reign. This is a theory that pops up every few years as a new theory, just like the one about finding Jesus’s grave, finding his wife and kids, and how “the Dark Ages was the fault of the Catholic church and caused a regression of the sciences.”

2) Christianity has a lot of similarities to other religions, which means that either a) Christianity is true and every other religion has a grasp of the truth, or that b) all religions are just a grab-bag pile of fairy-tales. I have a problem with the second option because almost every other religion self-describes as a fairy-tale or a way of life, while Christianity is about the underlying unbending reality of how things really are and self-describes as the zenith of all truth. So if we’re left with the first option, it would mean, for example, that the dozens of flood accounts in other religions shouldn’t be intimidating to Christianity since they’re probably witness accounts of the same event told by different cultures.

3) Christianity, which has made a jump from the Roman Empire to St. Augustine’s Africa to Westernized America and now to modern Asia, is increasing almost everywhere else…


Is Christianity Just a Copy of Other Religions? « J.S. Park