It’s Time To Train In MMA: Mixed Martial Apologetics

by J Warner Wallace

Not long ago, I spent a weekend at Twin Lakes Christian Camp, training the Grove Youth Ministry of College Park Church. We examined the case for truth, the case for God’s existence, the case for the reliability of the Bible, and the case for the resurrection of Jesus. It was a great opportunity in a beautiful setting with dedicated and passionate young learners. During the breaks, I had many thoughtful conversations with the students and staff, but this morning as I was talking with pastor Don Helton (one of two smart, contemplative leaders of this group) we were discussing the different forms of “apologetic” methodologies and the fact that most of us, when making a case for what we believe, borrow techniques and tactics from a variety of apologetics methodologies. You might say that an effective Christian Case Maker is a cross-trainer, a master of MMA: Mixed Martial Apologetics.

Most of you know by now that I am an evidentialist. That shouldn’t come as much of a surprise considering my occupation as a detective. But I understand and respect the fact that many fine Christian Case Makers take a very different approach when defending the Christian Worldview. From “cultural” apologetics, to “pre-suppositional”, “classical”, “defensive” or “positive” apologetics, there are many approaches we can take as we seek to make a case for what we believe. I think the world of Mixed Martial Arts can teach us something about how to use these approaches.

Mixed Martial Arts fighters understand the importance of cross-training. The day of single discipline fighters is quickly waning. Successful competitors in MMA have at least some training in a variety of disciplines…


It’s Time To Train In MMA: Mixed Martial Apologetics | Cold Case Christianity