Letting You Know About…RC at Germanna Community College

by Sheryl Young

Is it possible to sustain a vital apologetics club at a commuter college where the students leave campus every night? Yes – just ask RC’s Chapter Director Rob Lundberg at Germanna Community College in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

“This being a community college, not residential, consistency in attendance for club meetings is often much harder to keep up,” he says. “There are also other campuses for some courses, so school for the students is not always in this one location. But these kids are committed. While some are combining work and school or attending night classes, they sometimes even borrow cars to get to the meetings.”

The chapter at Germanna was approved as a school club in spring of 2014. The first faculty advisor, Mike Shockey, was a psychology teacher and Methodist pastor. He pushed the required paperwork through but then took a pastoral position elsewhere.

“We’re so grateful to him,” Lundberg says. “The advisor is now Antwan Perry who loves apologetics. He was impressed that Ratio Christi recognized the need for group discussions on truth.”

Lundberg describes how and why the chapter has been working and growing.

“The first formal meeting was the same night as a campus-wide Halloween bash in 2014. Still, we had a dozen students come for a movie, and after this the group grew to about seventeen. We also started hanging around at the Lido Lounge where students play games and kick up discussions. One of the students brought up God, and it drew attention. Our student president Andy Sulser and vice president Jonathan Fairhurst took the lead in that conversation.

We sometimes have skeptics attend who want to learn more about Christianity and to see if RC can answer their questions. They’ve said it’s one of the places they feel safest on campus. One young man who is an atheist/agnostic, formerly Methodist, wanted to talk more after a meeting. I took him for a Coke. He just wanted to see if someone would take time to talk to him.”

As many of our students and leaders have attested to in previous interviews, Lundberg feels there is a lack of willingness within the Church in general to discuss deep things about the Christian faith. But he attends a church where apologetics are acknowledged and welcomed.

“There’s a war going on in churches,” he says. “Some people are sitting there saying ‘don’t make me think about my faith. I just love Jesus. Don’t ask me reasons.’ Thank God for my church. They love apologetics and are going to help me bring Frank Turek of Cross Examined into town for a chapter event.”

He appeals to other church leadership…


Letting You Know About…RC at Germanna Community College | Ratio Christi