Our Readers Sound Off On Apologetics and The Poached Egg

Why Apologetics and The Poached Egg?I was at a crisis point in my faith–did I really believe what I said I did? Why? When I couldn’t answer those questions I was terrified. In my desperation I began to search for answers, and I came across The Poached Egg. I was relieved to find a whole DISCIPLINE of Christian ministry that welcomed The Big Questions…and set about to answering them not just from the Bible, but from logic and extra-biblical evidence.

Why Apologetics and The Poached Egg?Not only has apologetics bolstered my faith, but I believe it has helped me to “put a stone in the shoe” of several family members who are not believers. (the quote was from Greg Koukl). I learned what apologetics is and started studying in just as we were beginning to launch our kids off to college- so the timing couldn’t have been any better. I love getting texts from my daughter when she is asked a hard question by a friend – like how can you trust the Bible when it has been handed down so many times, just like the game of telephone. What I love most is that I am now able to point her to the answer and that there ARE answers. I love your site! Thanks for helping me find relevant articles that I would no doubt miss if I was just browsing the Internet. I love that they just pop up in my newsfeed.

Why Apologetics and The Poached Egg?I believe apologetics is necessary for believers and for unbelievers. This is because through it, we believers are given a foundation for what we believe. More importantly, believers and unbelievers should realize that the strength of good apologetic arguments verify the fact that there is a God and that He is the God of the Bible. This is critical for establishing a Christian worldview that affects every aspect of life. If the God of the universe is the God of the Bible, this affects the way we see science, the arts, literature, gender, economics, and matters of morality, to name a few things. In other words, Jesus is Lord of morality and Lord of the molecules. The world we live in, then, is shaped by His lordship, and we are able to readily defend this.I thoroughly enjoy this site; keep the good posts coming!

Why Apologetics and The Poached Egg?If I am to “go on to perfection” (Hebrews 6:1), I need to wean myself off of “milk” (Hebrews 5:13), and start chewing on some hearty, “solid food,” so I can exercise my senses “to discern both good an evil” (Hebrews 5:14); and mature in understanding (1 Corinthians 14:20) towards the wisdom of God (1 Corinthians 2:5-7). The Poached Egg provides a menu of things that will cause “babes in the faith” to put some hair on their chest. Although I am determined not to know anything “except Jesus Christ and Him crucified” (1 Corinthians 2:2)–for knowledge only “puffs up” (1 Corinthians 8:1)–maybe, just maybe, by studying apologetics, I may also be made “ready to give a defense” to anyone who asks a reason for the hope that is in me (1 Peter 3:15).

Why Apologetics and The Poached Egg?Apologetics is necessary in today’s culture of secularism, scientism, and skepticism to help young Christians maintain their faith, grow stronger in their knowledge of what they believe and why they believe it and then reach others with the truth of the good news. I work with students at both the high school and college level and find so many young people who are eager to hear good evidence for their faith.

Why Apologetics and The Poached Egg?I am a pastor, and I have found apologetics to be biblical, helpful to my own faith, helpful in evangelism, and equipping the members of my church. The study of apologetics also sharpens my mind and shapes my Christian worldview. I like The Poached Egg because of the interesting posts I can see in my Facebook news feed, as well as links to books I may not have heard of. Sometimes I have more time to read these posts than others, but I appreciate being able to see them every day.

Why Apologetics and The Poached Egg?As I’ve recently become more interested in learning about apologetics and backing my faith, the Poached Egg has been an incredibly useful resource in learning more about what I believe. As Christians, we are called to be wise as serpents and yet innocent as doves – we are sent out amongst wolves! We need to know why what we believe is accurate, and know how to present it concisely and clearly. Apologetics is the answer to many of the roadblocks Christians hit when it comes to “practical proof” for the faith, but it is not a widely taught discipline yet, and I hope that soon it will make more of a comeback within the Church!

Why Apologetics and The Poached Egg?Apologetics are so important today. People – especially young people, want solid answers and they need to be equipped to defend their faith – we all do. Apologetics enable us to answer those questions that come up and share the Gospel more effectively. The Poached Egg is such a great resource.

Why Apologetics and The Poached Egg?I find the study of apologetics to be fascinating in just about every way. I have been a believer for a long time, but always had a lot of questions too. When I met my husband (who has since passed on) and he had a lot of questions I couldn’t answer, and I felt totally inadequate in defending my faith. I became very interested in any kind of apologetics study I could find. I know that faith is faith for a reason and there is only so much that God has revealed, but at the same time there is so much evidence out there to be examined and considered and marveled at… and I think often times it is this kind of evidence that may cause those not in the faith to consider… maybe there is something to all of this after all. TPE has been a great melting pot so to speak of this kind of information and I am thankful for it.

Why Apologetics and The Poached Egg?It was as a seeking, skeptical high school student that I encountered the field of apologetics. I know first hand the powerful effectiveness of the discipline both from my own conversion and from the discussions I’ve had with many friends. I’m so glad to find organizations like TPE that are willing to help turn back the tide of Christian anti-intellectualism and help seekers find the answers to questions the Church all too frequently brushes off.

Why Apologetics and The Poached Egg?I have been very thankful for TPE as I’ve just become aware of the evidences for the faith I have had for many years. With study I’ve become bolder in sharing my faith, and now I am concerned for the faith of my children and the children in our local churches and want to do more to help them build they’re confidence.

Why Apologetics and The Poached Egg?As I teach my youth, there is usually not a week that goes by that some sort of apologetic defense doesn’t arise. They live in a culture of skepticism and one that is hostile towards Christianity. Apologetics and philosophy has been used by God in my life to deepen the wellsprings of trust and devotion to Jesus who is the truth. This also goes for my youth. The day that I realized that Christianity was not just a “truth” but THE truth was one of the most life-changing moments in my walk with the Lord. It contributed to my desire for Christian ministry and to serve the world around me. Apologetics is necessary because we cannot be ostriches with our heads in the sand. The world has objections and questions. We have Christ who lovingly points us to what’s real, right, and true.

Why Apologetics and The Poached Egg?Several years ago, my intellectual and emotional doubts were moving me away from believing the Christianity is true. God brought several apologists into my life who helped me answer my questions. Today I am more convinced of the truths of God’s existence and Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection than ever in my life. The Poached Egg has introduced me to many others who share a similar testimony and who use their experience to further the Kingdom.

Why Apologetics and The Poached Egg?Apologetics has shown me the intellectual side of Christianity and rescued my faith from a solely “experiential” brand of religion that did not fulfill or satisfy. I praise God for older brothers in the faith that labor to illuminate younger brothers’ minds to the wonder of Christ. Apologetics as a pursuit has been wholly beneficial to me and those close to me.

Why Apologetics and The Poached Egg?I have been quite impressed with the articles and blog posts that have come my way via TPE and Ratio Christi. I’m not the sort of person that likes to post pictures of puppies and kittens on Facebook but your links are ones that get ones attention in a way that gets reactions from people that otherwise I would never talk to on such deep levels.

Why Apologetics and The Poached Egg?[The Poached Egg] was a Godsend years ago and to attempt to express how and why would fail to convey the love of Christ I felt with this website. It was the life raft Christ gave when nothing else was there to help. Thanks and many blessings!!!

Why Apologetics and The Poached Egg?As an apathetic agnostic, internet apologists showed me the error in my thinking and ultimately pointed me to the truth. Ironically enough, I actually began defending Christianity before accepting it as truth in my own relationship with God. Apologetics was vital to my conversion. Absolutely vital.

Why Apologetics and The Poached Egg?I have just recently in the last year or two become interested in Apologetics. I think it is extremely important not only as a witnessing and evangelism tool but also a way of reinforcing one’s own faith and always being prepared to give a defense for not just “what” one believes but “why” also. If we cannot even say why we chose to follow Yahweh why would anyone take us or our faith seriously?

Why Apologetics and The Poached Egg?Apologetics changed my life in a very very large way. As a college student studying biology I am constantly surrounded by the naturalistic mindset. I can remember the first time I read about the historicity of the resurrection of Jesus and put the “the gospels are pure children’s stories” myth to bed. Works of people like William Lane Craig and all the awesome articles I get from TPE on Twitter have been so crucial to becoming a real heartfelt Christian instead of just a “church sitter” as some would say. When you accept that Christianity is really true and you REALLY know it and feel it in your heart your whole life becomes absolutely changed. I will hold my Christian values in front of anyone and I will forever be able to “give a reason for the hope that is in me”. God bless ministries like this as we continue to share our faith with the world! KEEP IT UP!

Why Apologetics and The Poached Egg?I think apologetics, especially in this postmodern, post-Christian Western society many of us find ourselves in, is a very needed tool in regards not simply to just evangelism, but also to discipleship. We want simply to not only show skeptics why Christianity is in fact a very reasonable faith, but also to equip fellow believers with rational reasons and evidences for the Christian faith.

Why Apologetics and The Poached Egg?After 20 years of having evolution shoved down my throat in schools and the media, creation based apologetics made the Bible real for me in new ways I’d never known before. Big thanks to TPE for reminding me that science isn’t the problem, but bad science.


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