When is it Time to Leave Gentleness and Respect Behind?

by Michael Sherrard

I am sickened by Planned Parenthood. They are exploiting women for profit all in the name of equality and empowerment. The latest news of PP selling the body parts of aborted fetus’ should disgust all and bring to mind horrific images of some futuristic dystopia. If you’ve not seen the undercover footage, stop what you are doing and watch it here.

So when does the horror and calamity from ignorant practices require us to take the gloves off? I ask this in apparent contradiction as I am the author of Relational Apologetics: Defending the Christian Faith with Holiness, Respect, and Truth. One might assume my answer. But I think there is a time when gentleness is not an option and respect should not be given. Let me explain.

When one that I love is drowning, gentleness is not my concern. I will use whatever force I need to pull them from the raging waters. When one that I love does something evil, I give no respect to their actions or the thinking that caused them. I will expose them for what they are, and sometimes only harsh language can convey the tragedy and folly of wickedness.

I’m sure you can see that I am speaking metaphorically, and the danger is that one might take my metaphor to a literal extreme. So allow me to be a bit more concrete.

Premeditated violence is not the way of the follower of Jesus. We are not to create a holy army and wage a literal war for we do not merely fight against flesh and blood. A war fought against such would not bring the change we desire. We fight ideas…


When is it Time to Leave Gentleness and Respect Behind?