Why are So Many Former Atheists Coming to Christ

by John UpChurch

Usually, I only see them when we move. As I’m ripping open box after box of books and propping up worn and dog-eared volumes on the shelves, I come across them like some sort of sweaty prize. They don’t look like much on the outside—just scuffed up, spiral-bound notebooks in black and blue—and you might think they deserve a quick jog to the trash.

But I can’t throw them out. They weigh too much—not in mass, but in memory.

The inside isn’t much better than outside. The paper has more scribble marks and abandoned pages than finalized poems, but each one serves as a time capsule. Here you’ll see why life stinks; there you’ll see why Noah’s flood had to be mere fantasy; on that page you’ll find an ode to meaningless existence; the next contains a curse upon the billions of years of evolution that ruined humanity.

I read them now not to revel in such “lovely” themes, but to remind myself that the past is real. God answered the prayers of several Christians, and He dug an atheist like that out of the pit. He transformed a mind that had convinced itself that the Bible was completely false and “science” was right. How do I know? I know because that atheist was me.

So, you could say that I have a vested interest in seeing many other atheists follow the same trajectory. And when they do, I realize the truth that no one is so far beyond help that they cannot see the light of Christ.

That’s the story with Steve Tillman, too. Tillman used to run a nonprofit called Atheists of Northern Indiana and hosted an Internet show bashing Christians, but he closed it all down several months ago. Why? He came to realize how much he’d been suppressing the truth about God existing and cried out the Jesus for forgiveness. Not long after he had a dream of Jesus forgiving him.

According to Tillman, he realized how much power there was in the prayers of his believing wife. She never gave up on his salvation. And if you listen to him now…


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