Apologetics: For followers, skeptics, or both?

by John Mays

I recently came across a post on another site–well, a question within a post–concerning the frustrations of those involved in apologetics.  The writer asked how to deal with those individuals that do not see the need for apologetics, fellow followers per se’.  After many comments and words of encouragement, it dawned on me, should we be frustrated with other followers for not showing an interest in apologetics?  Besides, isn’t apologetics, by definition, to give a reason, or defense for the hope we have?  Why are we giving reasons or a defense to those professing followers?  Why the frustration?  Is apologetics for followers, skeptics, or both?

For those of us on the apologetics side, we know apologetics is biblical as Jesus, Paul, and others used reasoning, and a defense of why Christianity is true.  Jesus argued/debated with the Pharisees and Paul reasoned daily in the synagogue.  So why do we let it get to us when other followers aren’t interested, but yet many of them cannot answer, or give a reason, for why they believe what they believe?  For that matter many have never heard of apologetics, thus leading one to ask are we really making disciples or sharing the gospel with others?  If so, what type of answers are we giving regarding faith, God’s inspired book, going to heaven, etc.?

I all too well know the frustrations mentioned by the writer in the previously mentioned post.  I know from my own experience.  And the sad thing is, it is the followers that don’t care!  The skeptic has questions.  The skeptic knows answers, more than most professing followers, the skeptic is making noise and making a difference.  How?  Look around!  But yet many, if not most, professing followers cannot answer basic questions concerning their faith…


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