Four Reasons Every Believer Should Study Apologetics

by Dr. Mike Spaulding

The number of Christians who know virtually nothing about apologetics still amazes me. When discussing this topic even with pastors I often receive a blank stare that suggests they’ve never considered apologetics to be of much importance. Clearly this needs to change. Here are four reasons why.

Reason #1 – Skepticism is at an all-time high and that breeds confusion. In fact you could say that there is also an inverse relationship between confusion and skepticism. Skepticism in the culture breeds confusion in the church but it is also true that skepticism about the adequacy of the Christian faith within the church breeds confusion in the culture. If Christians won’t affirm what it is they believe why should the culture listen to anything they say.

The American religious landscape is in a state of flux. I’ve written about this elsewhere previously. New category entrants include the “nones” and the “dones.” The nones claim no religious affiliation and the dones have abandoned religious affiliation. The dones will most assuredly transition into the nones if they are not reached with reasons to believe the Gospel. The church is ill-equipped to do this when their foundation is skepticism and confusion.

Reason #2 – Young people are leaving the church for several reasons. Some fall prey to the predators on our college campuses masquerading as professors and teachers. Don’t be deceived friends. There are myriad stories of college professors who are forthright in their intentions to destroy the Christian faith of their freshman students so that they can be free of the intellectual shackles of Christianity.  Parents, do you really intend to turn your children over to the wolves without a fight?

Pastors do you not see that it is your responsibility to adequately train the flock of God in reasons why the Gospel is true and reliable? It is not enough to preach a good sermon every week. People need opportunities within the church to learn by question and answer, by digging and discovering, by being challenged and learning…


Four Reasons Every Believer Should Study Apologetics | Dr. Mike Spaulding