How Apologetics Serves Evangelism in Our Post Christian Culture

by Rob Lundberg

Thinking this morning about where our culture has been and where it is going, I could not help pondering about the church’s effectiveness in this post Christian culture in reaching those without Christ. Our culture has taken on a different face, very quickly, as a result of a judicial fiat decision. Should we do anything differently in our evangelism?  Has anything really changed?

The truth is that every believer already, whether they realize it or not, does some form of pre-evangelism to the ones who are hostile to the gospel message. The question now becomes, do they want to continue to do it poorly or do they want to do it well? And it saddens me to think that there are many pastors who are still stuck in the old paradigm of “the Bible says” approach to evangelism. In recent days, I am seeing a light giving me hope locally here in the Burg, that things may be changing for the better. 

While that paradigm may work in some scenarios, such encounters are becoming less frequent as our culture plunges itself deeper into the the naturalistic worldview.  How is this manifesting itself?

Moral and religious challenges have ramped up their challenges to biblical Christianity (e.g., same sex marriage, the rise of Islam in culture, secular humanism and the new atheism — sound familiar?) We are no longer considered by many as a “Christian culture.”
So the question that I would like to answer in this posting is:  How does apologetics serve evangelism in our post Christian culture?  Let me approach this from a few angles, in hopes to answer this question…


How Apologetics Serves Evangelism in Our Post Christian Culture | Ratio Christi