If the Quran Is True, Then It’s False

by Tim Barnett

Conservative estimates put the number of Muslims on Earth at 1.6 billion. That’s about one-quarter of the world’s total population. By 2030, that number is expected to grow to 2.2 billion. The Muslim mission field is huge. The question Christians need to be asking is, how do we reach them with the gospel?

This task is actually more daunting than it might first appear. Ask anyone who has done extended work evangelizing Muslims, and they will tell you that it can seem next to impossible. This is because they have so much to lose. When a Muslim converts to Christianity, he could be disowned by his family, friends, and community. In addition, from an Islamic perspective he would be committing the unforgivable sin of shirk, which is punishable by death.

If we are to be effective in our approach to witnessing to Muslims we need to be strategic. Approaching them with a Bible verse usually won’t cut it. They have already written off the parts of the Bible that conflict with the Quran, citing corruption in the transmission of the New Testament text. We need a better way.

One strategy I have in my mind when I speak to Muslims is try to demonstrate from their own holy book—which they trust as God’s infallible and uncorrupted revelation—that they shouldn’t trust their holy book. Allow me to elaborate….


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