Parents are the first apologists your child should ever meet

by Donnie Griffin

With the recent SCOTUS ruling and the likely avalanche of lower court decisions and runaway cultural zealots like the Atty. Gen. for the state of Oregon who recently decided to completely ignore the First Amendment placing a gag order on a couple to “cease and desist” from speaking of their Christian convictions to not participate in a so-called same-sex marriage ceremony, there is a branch of Christian study that will likely be thrust into the forefront of all others. It is the study apologetics, the defense of the Faith.

Until recently apologetics has been relegated to either post-Sunday school backroom discussions or precollege youth ministry in most churches. Now it will be imposed upon everything from the adult Sunday school class to the exposition of the Sunday morning sermon. To be honest apologetics should have been present in all those places already.

One ministry that I am afraid that will be left out of this new attention given to loving God with all of your mind (Luke 10:27) will be the children’s ministry. It will be easy to assume that because of the nature of apologetics small children will not be able to comprehend that kind of information. At best apologetics for most churches will begin at the high school level because of the obvious need there and because of the misconception that small children cant handle it. In other words, it will be difficult to convince local churches to substitute paintings of Anselm and Thomas Aquinas for Noah’s Ark and Daniel in the lion’s den. Unfortunately those in the culture interested in imposing their will on your children will not be so naïve.

This inconvenient truth will leave parents of very young children with the awkward decision to either completely shelter their children from the attacks of the culture (an impossibility) or train their children to deal with them. Parents will be either forced to remove their children from public school, an option that is not available to everyone and will be the likely target of many legal battles as the culture begins to see private education and homeschooling as a threat to their agenda, or to leave their children to the whims of government sanctioned propaganda. Most people will have no choice but to accept the former.

Just as cultural change is forcing the church to love God with her mind again so will it do the same to parents. Cultural change then becomes part of the manifold grace of God, a blessing in disguise. Any time God uses a perceived evil to sanctify this church and to make her more beautiful we should praise him for it is true that PARENTS are the first apologists your child should ever meet…


Parents are the first apologists your child should ever meet | Southern by His Grace