Six Concerning “Christian” Ideas, And What The Bible Says About Them

by Dan Koncal

A recent conversation got me concerned. The ideas were not new to me, but what was interesting was the volley of ideas that kept coming, kept coming without biblical justification. This one person, a Christian of a number of years, thought it is not good when Christians have “head knowledge”. In other-words, we should not study the Bible. He was also negative about memorizing Scripture. He also said that we should not prepare for our interactions with those who would oppose the Gospel. In fact, he said one should just stay silent in opposition. In addition, he was very negative concerning being evangelical, meaning we should not share the Gospel verbally. He feels that our lives only should shine our Christianity (This should be a given for all, but it’s not to be our only witness, it does not negate our verbal evangelism. Our words are part of our life.).

However, he backed none of these thoughts up with Scripture. None. One can’t be too surprised because these ideas are NOT scriptural and second he does not feel one needs to learn and study the Scripture.

When a long time Christian says such things, I do not have much patience. What is even worse is when one has some sort of leadership in the body of Christ with these ideas. These ideas are foundationally debased and detrimental to Christendom. These are not only confused ideas but also antithetical to Christ’s and the apostle’s teachings and actions.

This whole package of thoughts are logical deviant, they defeat themselves. One express knowledge (or lack thereof) advocating no knowledge. He seemed prepared to defend his view, verbally. He share’s his “gospel” of silent evangelism with words.

If I would have asked, he probably would be against reason and logic, no wonder, his thinking is counter to that and the Bible that is logical.

Here are some passages that I shared with him (and more I did not). Maybe these will help you prepare for these type of ideas…


IBITE: Six Concerning “Christian” Ideas, And What The Bible Says About Them