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Special Message (and freebies) from J Warner Wallace: “Thanks for Making It A #1 Best Seller!”

by J Warner Wallace

After 2 years investigating, writing and illustrating my next book, God’s Crime Scene: A Cold-Case Detective Examines the Evidence for A Divinely Created Universe has finally been released! Thanks to all of you who PRE-ORDERED the book, I am so grateful for your interest and support. On it’s first day of release, God’s Crime Scene rose to the #1 best selling position in three separate Amazon categories, including all Evangelism books! Thanks again for making it a best seller.



An Illustration from Chapter 2

I have a special “opening month” offer for those of you who have not yet purchased the book. Several booksellers are offering God’s Crime Scene for LESS THAN $10. But in addition, if you order the book this month and send me the receipt (at [email protected]), I will email you a link for the following FREE resources:

  1. Evidence for God’s Existence Audio Set
    11 MP3 Audio Files Related to the Cosmological, Axiological, Teleological and Transcendental Arguments for God’s Existence (plus more)
  2. Evidence for God’s Existence Video Set
    6 Videos Related to the Evidence for God’s Existence (Including J. Warner’s Popular "A Dollar, A Wallet, and the Existence of God" Series
  3. Evidence for God’s Existence Article Set
    12 PDF Articles Extending Your Knowledge of the Topics Described in God’s Crime Scene

If you PRE-ORDERED God’s Crime Scene and received the promotional materials for that offer, let me assure you of two things: 1) The materials in this offer are not the same as our initial offer, and 2) I will send these new materials to everyone who purchased the book as part of the PRE-ORDER promotion.



An illustration from Chapter 8

This is the last offer of this kind we’ll be making with God’s Crime Scene; I hope you find these additional materials valuable as you continue to investigate the case for God’s Existence. Thanks again for considering God’s Crime Scene as an addition to your collection!

Happy Case Making!

J. Warner Wallace


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