Three Reasons to attend an Apologetics Conference

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During the past few years I have been blessed to find myself, along with a couple friends, as attendees at various apologetic conferences and training events. What I have come to discover, as in any discipline, is that we need to take advantage of any source of knowledge we can to grow. The depth of our understanding does not come from osmosis, a book under your pillow, although may of my Christian friends seem to adhere to that very idea. That some how the Bible on the shelf is some how mystically transferring its information to your soul. But reality is that if you don’t read the label you might ingest the wrong product, if you get my drift. So I wanted to argue for the need or at the very least a few good reasons to consider attending a conference.

You might have the opportunity to fist-bump J. Warner Wallace, Cold Case Detective.

Now, this may seem like the most unlikely reason for me to list. Really, attend a conference to meet a famous apologist? Well, yes, and my intentions are pure. If you go for that reason it just might, very well be that moment when you realize the amount of knowledge that you are devoid of, and require to answer hard questions pertaining to your faith. You may go to meet the guy or girl who you saw on TV and end up with the greatest challenge of your lifetime.

You have friends that have been asking you questions outside your current scope of knowledge.

Most Christians are challenged with questions as soon as someone verges from, “where do you go to church,” and then the defensive machine begins to spit and sputter. This is where many a believer spews answers that are completely fabricated, on the spot and false information never helps anyone…


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