Who Needs Apologetics?

by John Mays

College football season is just around the corner. It is one of my favorite times of the year. Saturday mornings begin with College Game Day. At noon teams from around the country kickoff for the first games of the day. One is able to watch different teams play well past midnight on most Saturday’s. What a great time of the year, especially if your team is playing, and wins, it makes for a full day of fun and relaxation. Cheering, and coaching, yes, coaching from the couch, is the excitement of college football. So what does college football have to do with who needs apologetics? I am glad you ask!

In most cases people have their favorite team some a particular reason. They have some type of relationship with the team. Be it family, friends, being an alumni of the school, or just liking the team uniforms or coach. We love our teams for a reason. Did you notice that, we have a reason, and can provide evidence, of knowing why we like a certain team. Sound familiar? College football fans use apologetics to defend their team. Yet, for the purpose here, it is not Christian apologetics. But, as you can see the term apologetics is simply a term that means to give a reason, or defense. In Christianity, apologetics is used to give a reason for why one believes in God, the resurrection, the Bible, and many other aspects of the Christian worldview. So, who needs apologetics? Simply put, everyone! Everyone uses apologetics. From college football, to everyday life. Here in lies the point of this blog…who needs apologetics?

You see, when people think of apologetics, many feel it is only a discipline to reach the lost. And to an extent I agree. However, in my opinion, apologetics first needs to be taught to the Christian. It appears that most are under the assumption that the average Christian knows what and why they believe about Christianity. This is where I typically get in to trouble. The majority of Christians do not know what they believe, much less why they believe it. I do not mean that to sound harsh. Yet, based on personal experience, the majority of those professing to be followers of Christ can tell you more about their favorite football team than they can about God. It is not entirely their fault. Who needs apologetics; the Christ follower. If the follower has not been taught/discipled then how could they possibly use apologetics, effectively, to reach the lost…


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