Why should we be punished for sin when sinning is our nature?

By Gary Meredith

The Bible says we are born with a sin nature. So why do we deserve Hell for living out of that nature? It’s like a fish being condemned to Hell because it’s in his nature to swim. It’s not fair.

Or is it?

We have a sin nature, but it is not a part of our human nature to be indulged; it is a disease to be cured, a cancer to be cut out.

Before we go a little deeper into that answer, a caution: Be very suspicious of that word “fair.” “Fairness” has recently been elevated to an almost sacred doctrine, often for the purpose of bashing other people — and God — over the head; to accuse them of not measuring up to some modern, temporary, popular standard of right and wrong. The problem is, what people judge to be fair or unfair differs among different people, places and times. In the United States, the divine right of kings to rule over us was “fair” until 1776; race-based slavery was “fair” until 1865; preventing women from voting was “fair” until 1920. You’ve probably heard the old saying, “All’s fair in love and war.” I’ll bet the losers don’t agree with that standard! One cable news network claims to be “fair and balanced,” while others disagree. The point is, fairness is a shifting human guideline, not a permanent godly standard. Now, back to the answer.

Our sin nature is not “natural” to us; it is something we have, not something we are. A fish can only be a fish; that’s all they were ever created to be. A human being can be reborn and regenerated, transformed into the image of Christ, glorious beyond imagination; that’s what each of us was created to be…


Why should we be punished for sin when sinning is our nature?