Case-Making 101: Five essentials in Christian Apologetics

by Teri Dugan

“Finding answers [about Christianity] is too important to approach causally or in sporadic snatches of time. I knew—and hope you agree—that these are urgent matters. Jeremiah 29:13 encourages us to seek God and his truth “with all your heart.””  –Lee Strobel, Former atheist turned Christian, award-winning legal editor of the Chicago Tribune, Author and Professor of Christian Thought at Houston Baptist University

For most of my life I had been skeptical, believing that truth about God, Jesus and the afterlife could never be known. When I finally got serious with God and began asking real questions it was then that the answers came flooding in. However, the answers did not come from Christians I knew.

You don’t need to spend the amount of money that I did going back to school to find the answers you just need to dedicate some time, find the right resources and the right people—the knowledge base is plentiful!

So why don’t most Christians have answers when questioned about Christianity? I believe it is urgent for Christians get equipped with knowledge about their faith. We are called to know what we believe and why we believe and then live it like our lives and our loved ones’ depended on it! (1 Peter 3:13-18)

Let’s look at five essentials in Christian Case-Making (Apologetics):

1) As Christians we should know how Christianity fits into the big picture of human history:

  • How Christianity is connected historically to Judaism.
  • How the New Testament, and Jesus specifically, is a fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies and the promises of God.
  • How early Christians, the first followers of Jesus, believed and taught that Jesus was the promised Messiah, the Son of God and God incarnate.
  • How early Christians, by the Holy Spirit, taught about the saving works of Jesus and followed the ‘Great Commission’ fearlessly.
  • How early Christians were persecuted and many were martyred for a faith that they knew to be true (defense of objective truth).
  • How Christians have defended the historical reliability, inerrancy and inspiration of the Bible.


Case-Making 101: Five essentials in Christian Apologetics | Truth, Faith and Reason