Gianna Jessen Asks Congress “If abortion is about women’s rights, then what were mine?”

by Julie Roys

“If abortion is about women’s rights, then what were mine?”  Gianna Jessen asked a  House Judiciary Committee that question today — and with good reason.  Thirty-eight years ago, Jessen miraculously survived a saline abortion.  This morning, she told her remarkable story to a House Judiciary Committee investigating Planned Parenthood’s practice of harvesting and selling the body parts of aborted babies — even from those that may have been born alive. Below are the video and transcript of her testimony, including some photographs she submitted as evidence. Listen and weep, and pray that God ends this evil.

Transcript of Gianna Jessen’s Testimony to the House Judiciary Committee:

Good morning,

My name is Gianna Jessen, and I would like to thank you for the opportunity to testify here today. My biological mother was seven and a half months pregnant when she went to Planned Parenthood, who advised her to have a late-term saline abortion.

This method of abortion burns the baby inside and out, blinding and suffocating the child, who is then born dead, usually within 24 hours.

Instead of dying, after 18 hours of being burned in my mother’s womb, I was delivered alive in an abortion clinic in Los Angeles on April the 6th, 1977. My medical records state: “Born alive during saline abortion” at 6 am.

Thankfully, the abortionist was not at work yet. Had he been there, he would have ended my life with strangulation, suffocation, or leaving me there to die. Instead, a nurse called an ambulance, and I was rushed to a hospital. Doctors did not expect me to live.

I did. I was later diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, which was caused by a lack of oxygen to my brain while surviving the abortion. I was never supposed to hold my head up or walk…


Gianna Jessen Asks Congress “If abortion is about women’s rights, then what were mine?” | Julie Roys