“I Came to Faith Through Apologetics”

by J Warner Wallace

I heard this proclamation after a speaking event last week, as a wonderful woman in her sixties excitedly shared her journey to the cross. In many ways, her story was very similar to my own.  Two weeks ago, when Abdu Murray (an ex-Muslim) interviewed me for his radio show, he shared something similar, telling me about the role that evidence played in his own conversion story. When skeptics of apologetics (usually Christians) tell me that they’ve never met anyone who came to faith through apologetics, I typically tell them that they know at least one person, if they know me. My journey to the cross is outlined in Cold-Case Christianity as I recount the evidence that God used to bring me to the truth.

When someone says they “came to faith through apologetics” or they “became a Christian through the evidence,” I usually take the time to ask them what they really mean when using these expressions. They commonly describe a journey that illustrates the sovereignty and power of God to call and transform the lives of His children. In each of these cases, God merely used the evidence as the means by which He called those who needed an evidential approach. God can clearly use whatever means He desires, as He reaches out to each of us in the manner He knows will be most effective. We see examples of God using the preaching of evangelists, the words of Scripture or the appearance of a vision. God is God, and He’ll do whatever He pleases. For some of us, He is pleased to use the evidence…


“I Came to Faith Through Apologetics” | Cold Case Christianity