Is the universe expanding?


Question: “Is the universe expanding?”

Answer: Virtually all scientists say that the universe is expanding. The question of concern for many Christians is whether an expanding universe supports creationism or the Big Bang theory. The answer is that it supports both! Not only that, but the expansion of the universe is mentioned in the Bible, not once but numerous times. Although science only discovered less than a hundred years ago that the universe is expanding, the men who wrote the Bible included the concept in the Scriptures almost 3,000 years ago.

An expanding universe does not negate the biblical story of creation. The great majority of scientists would say that matter is not eternal—that matter did not exist prior to the Big Bang. In fact, the prevailing theory is that nothing at all existed prior to the Big Bang, including time and space. At the moment of the Big Bang—the moment of creation—time began. Space began. Matter began.

Too many Christians see a clash between science and the Bible where no clash truly exists. Aspects of the Big Bang theory can actually support the creation account in Genesis. For years, many scientists saw the universe as being infinite and eternal. If the universe has no beginning or end, then there is nothing for a god to create. That view fit perfectly with the beliefs of atheistic scientists.

However, in the early twentieth century, astronomer Edwin Hubble (the man for whom the Hubble telescope was named) found that galaxies are moving away from each other…


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