Parents, Do Not Let Your Child Become a Statistic

by John Mays

Google has become the new encyclopedia. YouTube provides the video to most any type of information one is looking to find. And Wikipedia is the quick “go to” source for everything true or false. And I admit, I am guilty of using each of these tools almost daily. Well, not wiki, but the other two. You see, information, both good and bad is a mouse click away. So what does this have to do with your child becoming a statistic? I am glad you ask!

Most people have heard the statistics concerning our kids. You know, the one’s about children, and the twenty to thirty something’s leaving the faith. If not, then you should. 50-80% of the previously mentioned individuals are leaving the Christian faith. There are many reason’s or “excuses” given. However, let’s just be blunt, it is the fault of the parents! Yes, I wrote that. And I firmly believe in my heart it indeed begins at home. You, and I, can blame the church for not making disciples. We can blame music, television, and video games. But, in reality, the world we currently reside in, it is the parents that are at fault. How do I know this and proclaim this so boldly? Probably because of what I do for a living. You see, I have been called of God to spread the Truth of Christianity. I do this through an international organization known as Ratio Christi, (Latin for the reason for Christ). And I take this calling seriously. Maybe too seriously. You see, I care. I don’t just say I care, I really do care. I care that parents do not know what the gospel is. I care that parents don’t know what Christianity is; Why they are a Christian, believe in God, the Bible, resurrection, why evil exists, the universe exists, and well, you get the point. I care and I am very thankful God has given me this opportunity to share His Truth.

Here in lies the problem…


Parents, Do Not Let Your Child Become a Statistic | Ratio Christi