What Fewer Christians in America Means for Christian Parents

By Natasha Crain

Each day in America, it’s getting a little less normal to be a Christian family.

Study after study shows the trend of fewer people identifying as Christians, and more people identifying as atheist, agnostic, or “nothing in particular.” Frankly, I don’t think most of us even need the studies to find that out. It’s blatantly obvious in the media, in the government, in schools, and online.

America is indeed changing, and that fact has many implications for Christian parents. In this post, I’m going to look at seven of those implications.

Before we jump in, however, I’d like to make something clear: This is not a doomsday post. I’m not shouting from the internet roof tops to prepare for cultural disaster and that Christians have suddenly become a tiny, persecuted minority. Not at all.

This post, however, is an acknowledgment that our culture is steadily changing, and the direction of that change is away from Christianity. The more we understand about the nature of these changes and how they may impact our kids’ faith development, the more effective we can be in our role as Christian parents.

So what will it mean for Christian parents if there are fewer Christians in America? Here are seven major implications.

1. Parents will need to intentionally make their kids less comfortable in their faith.

Perhaps that sounds like a bad thing. Don’t we want our kids to rest comfortably in their beliefs? Yes and no. If by “comfortably” you mean that they’ve had the opportunity to thoroughly examine their faith and, as a result, they have a strong conviction that Christianity is true, then yes.

But if by “comfortably” you mean that they are passively riding whatever faith train their parents put them on, then no. Kids who haven’t thoroughly examined their beliefs will be too unequipped to confidently engage in this increasingly challenging culture.

We need to help our kids handle their faith like a kaleidoscope: They should hold it up to the light, spin it around, and examine it from many different angles to fully understand what it’s all about…


What Fewer Christians in America Means for Christian Parents