God’s Crime Scene: An Interview with J. Warner Wallace

by Katie Monsma

We had the privilege to interview author J. Warner Wallace, detective and former atheist, about his new release, God’s Crime Scene.

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As a former atheist and cold-case detective, tell us a little bit about your journey to faith and how you found the evidence for God?

I didn’t grow up in a Christian environment. My dad was (and still is) a committed atheist, and I never attended an evangelical church service as a boy. As a result, I was rather dogmatic in my atheism from a very young age.

My wife, Susie, and I had been together since high school, and Susie was very patient with my unbelief. At twenty-seven Susie expressed a desire to visit local churches in our area. I was happy to go with her if it made her happy.

In the first church we visited, the pastor cleverly described Jesus as the smartest man who ever lived. That sounded interesting to me. I purchased an inexpensive pew Bible and began to read through the Gospels for the limited purpose of mining the wisdom statements of Jesus. I was immediately impressed, however, with the similarity I found between the Gospel accounts and eyewitness statements I encountered in my own criminal cases (at this time I was working as a detective).

I began to test the Gospels in the same way I would test any other eyewitness account. I described this process in my first book, Cold-Case Christianity.

At the end of that process, I was comfortable with the reliable nature of the Gospel accounts except for the presence of the supernatural miracles of Jesus and the Resurrection. I thought the Gospels were some form of historical fiction. I decided, however, to take an additional step in my investigation to determine if my bias against the supernatural was warranted.

I examined the universe the same way I examined other targeted scenes from my career, and I applied the same scrutiny I did to other pieces of evidence…


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